A Personalized Anti-Inflammatory Plan To Increase Performance

At Health Coach Nutrition there are no points, no weird twig and cardboard nightmare plans, only helping your become a better you through smarter eating plans. Knowing your body is crucial to treating it well. Health Coach Nutrition teaches the science of health: what works, what doesn't and why. Our members make the right choices because they understand the true outcomes -- even down to the cellular level.

There is Power In The Blood

At Health Coach Nutrition we take the guessing out of what your body actually needs. After your initial evaluation, we do a series of in-house laboratory testing to help determine exactly what your body’s nutritional needs are. Once our test results are complete, you will meet with one of our doctors to discuss the overall results and create a customized game plan of where your body is and where it needs to be. 

Putting It All Together

At Health Coach, we believe that doctor means “teacher”. We are continually striving to help our members achieve optimal health. Our Health Coach Providers will continually help you learn new ways to improve your nutrition by:

  • • Gain an understanding of the five components of our diet – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, water and nutrients
  • • Become educated on how we use food to fuel and repair our bodies
  • • Discuss what to eat when and how nutrition affects us daily, weekly and over the long term
  • • Understand why proper diet is necessary to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic health challenges
  • • Learn how to calculate their basal metabolic rate and create a caloric deficit
  • • And receive basic tips on maximizing your metabolism, balancing neurotransmitters, creating proper hormone health, maintaining healthy cholesterol, regulating healthy blood sugar levels, and increasing lean muscle mass by creating an amazing Lifestyle Plan.

Members will create a 3 and 6-month weight loss goal and calculate what their daily/weekly/monthly calorie deficits have to be in order to reach that goal.

Members are encouraged to keep a daily food journal to gain control of eating habits. While not always sustainable over a lifetime, we believe that keeping a food diary for few months really helps drive awareness of our nutrition, resulting in more quality eating choices forever.

At Health Coach Nutrition, we take the guesswork out of what you put in your body every day.