About Us

HEALTH COACH is a lifestyle-medicine based program designed around evidence-based scientific principles that enable our members to live a life with fewer health challenges and full of vitality and energy.  Being guided by our providers, our members consistently improve their lifestyle choices and habits with better thinking, eating habits, and improved fitness, losing total inches, and often find that they no longer need their medications for diabetes, hypertension, and other common chronic illnesses.

The Health Coach System is built on a 3 essential evidence-based clinical practices:

Health Coach

We are fans of testing and not guessing when it comes to your health. The doctor in physician-managed lifestyle care, Health Coach Diagnostics is where our members learn where their health currently is, establish a customized game plan on how to improve it, and receive great coaching follow-up to make sure they are on the right direction. Our Health Coach physicians create a unique partnership between patients and their primary care doctor to create a clear path for empowering your health.

Health Coach

We believe that you are what you eat, and so does the evidence in health care today. Creating an anti-inflammatory based nutritional plan with individualization is the key to a great functioning metabolism and healthy cellular function. We are only as healthy as the food we can eat, digest, absorb, and assimilate. Health Coach Nutrition is about utilizing proper nutrition to create the healthy body that you are striving for. Gone are the days of counting points.

Health Coach

We believe that hard work pays off. Exercise is the silver bullet that helps the body reach its overall health goals. Our center includes the state-of-the-art functional fitness and mobility systems that are followed with personalized fitness coaching to ensure safety, proper form, and customization. What separates Health Coach from other “gyms” is our advanced degree staff. All classes are taught by exercise physiologists ensuring our members are always getting the highest level of instruction available.

These systems come together under the supervision of the Health Coach team doctors in a program that, over the last 13 years, has yielded proven results for members. The evidence-based approach of Health Coach has maintained high levels of satisfaction and member success. We encourage anyone with an interest in a long and healthy life to contact us. You can call or email and we’ll set up a time to talk about your health and lifestyle goals and how Health Coach can be your solution toward empowering your health.