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Offering HEALTHCOACH as part of a benefits package increases your company's health performance, facilitates wellness, and decreases overall costs.

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Empowering population health and well-being.

Typically you have always had to look for some solution to find someone to help increase the health of your people with varying technology and support. At HEALTHCOACH, we have an evidence-based health and lifestyle coaching solutions. We are both high touch and high tech. We have mobile and traditional solutions, including the power of telehealth to keep your employees engaged. HEALTHCOACH has a system that works as a strong and easy consumer experience. Powerful and applicable evidence-based health coaching content targeted to create exceptional engagement way beyond the traditional health assessment.  

It works. We provide active engagement with meaningful support after a detailed health assessment. We deliver active engagement with the highest performers averaging about 88 percent. 

Engagement is great, but what about changing behavior?

In evidence-based health support, behavior transformation is the key. Having relevant content and competent health coaches are the key to drive change. Much like your culture in the workplace, culture in HEALTHCOACH is vital for transformation in behavior. We customize a great telehealth experience with the latest in social and digital technology to create a system that is smart and helpful.  

Under the surface of our evidence-based population health management framework is a cutting-edge behavior change engine. What does all of this mean? We consistently see both meaningful health and lifestyle improvements and overall healthcare cost reductions. 

By our unique partnership, together we can make great health happen for everyone involved. We have a powerful technology wrapped with web, mobile, and live phone coaching support. 


Health Assessment

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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Health Coaching

This isn’t your father’s approach to wellness.

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Biometric Screening

Making it easy to know your numbers.

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Coaching Video, Phone, Chat

Person-to-person support within a behavior change framework.

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Cost Transparency

The right information + the right behavior design = smarter shopping.

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Business intelligence that drives a healthier population.

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