An Empowering Strategy

Conventional approaches focus too much on reactive health care and not enough on proactive lifestyle-based health—too much on information and not enough on influencing action.

At HEALTHCOACH we take a different approach: combining results-oriented behavioral models with creative technologies to provide compelling and effective consumer experiences to improve a healthy lifestyle.

We use what works, from both inside and outside of health care.

Our Stats: It’s All In The Numbers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, states the cost of healthcare exceeds $3 trillion annually in the United States.

That’s a lot! If you stacked one dollar bills on top of each other, $3 trillion would nearly reach the moon.

The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, estimates that over 85% of these costs result from chronic conditions that are associated with poor health behaviors.

That is why at HEALTHCOACH, we have created a platform to help people get engaged and stay engaged.

Empowered Engagement

At HEALTHCOACH, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to truly engage consumers.

While there’s no magic bullet, there is a winning formula. A strong, simple consumer experience and great content combined with compelling and targeted communications, choice architecture, smartly designed rewards, social network integration and data analytics.

It’s not just about personalization, or mobile access, or social networking, or incentives, or reminders.

It’s about all of it. 

The most important aspect is blending the power to choose every day with the right tools, the right support, the right reminders, to help you blend high touch with high tech.

Empowered Behavior
It’s about creating new habits.

Behavior is what the health game is all about. Let’s face it; we all develop certain habits. Some are good, some are not so good. The fact is that we form them early and they can be difficult to change. 

Many current programs leave out this vital aspect of getting the results we are looking to achieve. Setting large targets or goals, can be the piece that makes the biggest difference. Typically a person doesn’t need willpower alone, they need an action plan, community, and a place to win.


  • Common:
    • Large, Unattainable goals
    • Relying on will alone
    • Making motivation the source
  • What Works:
    • Baby Steps
    • Strategic choices
    • Behavior targets

    Our platform
    Building Your Health.

    The HEALTHCOACH Behavioral System

    We offer a comprehensive, integrative solution to help you see what the results are. There are key components to utilize for tracking your key success areas and understanding where you are going. HEALTHCOACH helps you engage with a wide variety of options to reach your goals.

    We are results oriented
    Success is in the results.

    Getting more people engaged will help you achieve massive results, faster. At Empower Health, our results come in many forms – the main priority for you? Reduced healthcare costs. 

    Recent research has found:

    • - For those participants with chronic conditions, average reductions in healthcare costs of $600 per participant per year.
    • - For participants without chronic conditions, reductions in healthcare costs of $155 per participant per year in this same period.

    These reductions represent 6% and 5% lower total healthcare costs for these two groups, respectively.